Portobello Stradale
Born in June 2010, Portobello Stradale has become Bucharest’s chic street event, a benchmark of urban lifestyle. Portobello Stradale’s previous editions gathered close to 1,000 participants, among which trend setters and public figures, well known names in fashion, architecture, media, photography, theatre, cinema, tv, food, music and much more.
Inspired by London’s famous Portobello Road Market, but adapted to reality and effervescent stylish and cool life of Bucharest, this concept was invented in 2010. Portobello events take place in different locations in Bucharest, from atypical places, to famous destinations, during the day or the evening, punctual events of a couple of hours, or along several days, being possibly turned into an urban festival. For over 10 editions of Portobello, Fratelli Grup has been the main operator of food and drinks.
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