Lounge & Club Timisoara
Sylvain Armand at #Fratelli Timisoara
22 Mar 23:30

As another week begins all we get to think about is the very next weekend and guess what, or rather who?
Ladies and gents, Sylvain Armand is stepping in for a night to remain in the books of legendary!
Get ready cause we’re fast forwarding to #Friday, the night where everything is permitted. #FratelliTimisoara

Fratelli Team

☆ENTRANCE: ♀20 ♂30
☆DRESS CODE: smart casual

For reservations: officetimisoara@fratelli.ro / 0722.122.123
Fratelli reserves the right to select its clients, due to the capacity of the locations and the reservation list.

Access 18 +
Never drink & drive

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