Indian & Vietnamese Fusion Restaurant

KARI means taste, aroma, freshness, a gastronomic experience and an endless journey through Asia.

The KARI- Indian & Vietnamese Fusion restaurant was opened in December 2021 at the Carnivale Food Market.

Derived from the word "kari" which refers to the Indian spices sauce that is served together with rice, KARI is not just that. KARI is a binder, as it unites through taste both Vietnam and India.

At KARI, you’ll get to enjoy vegetarian or meat dishes, spicy or mild. Do not forget to try when you pass by the spicy curry with coconut milk, flavored with coriander, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and ginger. Or maybe you’ll prefer the famous Pho Xao, flat rice noodles with vegetables, beef or chicken, or the fresh Nem Ran, Vietnamese fried rolls served with strong flavored Asian sauce.

We are waiting for you at KARI!

Indian & Vietnamese Fusion Restaurant