Beach & Ristorante Mamaia
First time in Romania: Cat Dealers live @Fratelli Mamaia!
29 Jun 23:30

Saturday, June 29th for the first time in Romania, for the first time in Fratelli, straight from Brazil, we have the the pleasure to present Cat Dealers live @Fratelli Mamaia!
Formed by the brothers Lugui and Pedrão, Cat Dealers consolidates among the three biggest DJs/Producers of Brazil and represents today one of the biggest names in the international electronic scene. In 2018, the duo was voted number 48 in the Top 100 of the world’s biggest DJs by British magazine DJ Mag, climbing 26 positions from its last year’s placement.

Cat Dealers has the second largest channel of the Brazilian electronic scene on Youtube ,with more than 553,000 subscribers and over 177 million plays, as well as millions of streams on Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer and other streaming platforms.

Saturday, June 29th, after 11.30 pm, you can find them playing LIVE in Fratelli Beach & Club Mamaia! What a joy, what a pleasure!


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